Kawasaki Concours ZG1000 Alternator (Generator)

ZZR 1200 Alternator Microfiche
ZZR 1200 Alternator Upgrade Procedure
13091 13091-1326 Holder, Bearing 1
13091A 13091-1327 Holder, Cover 1
13091B 13091-1328 Holder, Bearing 1
13091C 13091-1465 Holder, Brush 1
13091D 13091-1466 Rectifier 1
13227 13227-1079 Housing, Generator 1
14014 14014-1065 Plate - Position 1
14025 14025-1942 Cover, Rectifier 1
16073 16073-1062 Insulator 1
16146 16146-1074 Cover - Assy, Generator 1
21001 21001-1104 Generator 1
21007 21007-1196 Rotor, Generator 1
21039 21039-1052 Brush, Carbon 2
21066 21066-1076 Regulator - Voltage 1
26011 26011-1432 Wire - Lead, Generator 1
92002 92002-1379 Screw, 4 x 8 2
92002A 92002-1380 Screw, 5 x 17.5 3
92002B 92002-1716 Bolt, Socket, 8 x 45 3
92002C 92002-1856 Screw 3
92004 92004-1196 Stud 3
92015 92015-1800 Nut 3
92045 92045-1133 Bearing - Ball, #6002NC 1
92045A 92045-1350 Bearing - Ball, #6002 1
92049 92049-1200 Seal - Oil 1
92055 92055-1264 O-ring, 3.5mm 3
92055A 92055-1366 O-ring, 70.6 x 2.4 1
92081 92081-1759 Spring, Brush 2

KawasakiZZR1200 Alternator (Generator)

ZG 1000 Alternator Microfiche
ZZR 1200 Alternator Upgrade Procedure
13091 13091-1327 Holder - Cover 1
13091A 13091-1748 Holder - Bearing 1
13227 13227-1143 Housing - Frame 1
13280 13280-1291 Holder - Rectifier 1
13280A 13280-1292 Holder - Brush 1
14014 14014-1105 Plate - Position 1
16073 16073-1127 Insulator - Terminal 1
16146 16146-1232 Cover - Assy, End, Rr 1
21001 21001-1192 Generator 1
21007 21007-1420 Rotor 1
21039 21039-1052 Brush, Carbon 2
21066 21066-1136 Regulator - Voltage 1
26011 26011-1846 Wire - Lead 1
31011 31011-1088 Frame, End, Rr 1
92004 92004-1196 Stud 2
92009 92009-1645 Screw 4
92015 92015-1851 Nut 2
92015A 92015-2271 Nut 2
92045 92045-1248 Bearing - Ball, #6003 1
92049 92049-1484 Seal - Oil 1
92055 92055-1366 O-Ring, 70.6 x 2.4 1
92072 92072-1436 Band 1
192081 92081-1759 Spring, Brush 2
92093 92093-1587 Seal, Ring 1
92093A 92093-1588 Seal, Ring 3
92151 92151-1245 Screw, 4 x 6 6
92153 92153-1111 Bolt, M8 x 65 3
92153A 92153-1241 Bolt 1
92153B 92153-1242 Bolt 2
92153C 92153-1243 Bolt 3



Kawasaki Concours ZG100 and ZZR1200 Alternator Upgrade
Concours 28 amp alternator on the left puts out about 400 watts and the ZZR1200 45 amp alternator on the right puts out about 600 watts.



ZZR 1200 Alternator #3 Phillips Screwdriver
M8 x 65 Bolts (3) #2 Phillips Screwdriver
Maxi Fuse Block Part #5006 6 mm Allen Wrench
50 AMP Fuse Part #5140 8 mm Socket or Wrench
50 AMP Relay 10 mm Socket or Wrench
10 Gauge Primary Wire 12 mm Socket or Wrench
12-10 Gauge Ring Connectors (2) Hole Punch
12-10 Gauge Female Terminals Shrink Tubing
Wire Cutters/ Strippers/Crimps Threadlock (Red)




1.        Remove the middle fairing

Use a #3 Phillips head screwdriver to remove the middle fairing screws.


2.        Disconnect the battery

You will need to remove the seat and the battery tray to get to the battery terminals.  Disconnect the negative (-) side first, then the positive (+) side.


3.        Remove the cam chain tensioner

Use a 12 mm socket to release the cam tensioner bolt, then use an 8 mm socket to remove the cam chain tensioner.

The cam chain tensioner will need to be removed in orer to pull out the alternator. Some people remove the oil filler cap too, but I didn't find it necessary to remove it. Not a big deal to remove it though.

Cam chain tensioner removed. A small amount of oil will drip out, but no big deal. Also be careful not to scratch the cam chain tensioner mating surface with the allen wrench when removing the alternator bolts.

The cam chain tensioner will need to be removed in orer to pull out the alternator. Some people remove the oil filler cap too, but I didn't find it necessary to remove it. Not a big deal to remove it though.

Cam chain tensioner and the two 8 mm bolts that secure it. Remove the 12 mm cam chain tensioner bolt first, before removing the 8 mm secure bolts.


4.        Remove the stock Concours alternator bolts

Use a 6 mm Allen wrench to remove the 3 alternator bolts.


5.        Disconnect the stock alternator cable from the wire harness

Locate the wire connector which is located near the J-Box. Disconnect it by depressing down on the tab of the connector and pull them apart.  Pull the wiring out from the routing and place near the stock alternator.

The alternator wires connect to the wires from the J-Box via this connector that is protected by a rubber sheath. This rubber sheath can be reused with the new connection.


6.        Remove the stock alternator

Pull it straight out and place the stock alternator on a workbench for now.


7.        Decide on where you are going to locate the 50 amp fuse block and relay

Try to decide on a location that will be close to the alternator and battery. The shorter the wires are the better.


8.        Cut the wire connector off of the ZZR 1200 alternator


9.        Connect the 2 ZZR alternator wires into 1 wire

Strip about 1/4" off of both of the wires, then twist them together and solder the connection.

ZZR1200 alternator with the wire sheath removed exposing the 2 wires. I also removed the connector by taking the tip of a hole punch and depressed the tab of the terminal to dislodge it from the plastic connector. These 2 wires will need to soldered together and then soldered to a 10 gauge wire that will be connected to the 50 amp fuse block.


10.     Attach a 12-10 gauge ring connector to the ZZR 1200 alternator wire

If the ZZR 1200 alternator wire is too short to reach where you are placing the 50 amp fuse block, then lengthen the wire by adding the appropriate length of 10 gauge primary wire and then attach the 12-10 gauge ring connector.  Solder all connections and use shrink tubing to protect the connections.


11.     Install the ZZR 1200 alternator

Slide the new to you alternator inside the empty cavity where the former Concours alternator used to reside.  Once in place, then secure it with the 3 longer M8 x 65 bolts.  Be sure to use threadlock (red) on the threads.


12.     Reconnect the cam chain tensioner


13.     Connect the right fuse block connector to the relay #30

Before attaching the fuse block to the bike, connect the right side of the fuse block to #30 on the relay using 10-gauge primary wire.  The length of the wire will be determined by the placement of the components.  The closer the components are better.

Simple wiring diagram showing how to wire up the ZZR1200 alternator to the Kawasaki Concours.


14.    Attach the fuse block and relay to the bike

I placed them to the left of the J-box, but feel free to place them anywhere you find appropriate.

50 amp fuse block and relay hooked up to the bike. The cover is removed off of the fuse block to expose the connections.


15.    Connect relay #85 to the brown wire from the wire harness of the J-Box

Connect relay #85 to the brown wire on the wire harness that the stock alternator was connected to. I used the brown wire from the stock alternator by carefully removing the metal terminal from the plastic connector by depressing the tab on the metal terminal and pulling it out.  I used a hole punch to depress the tab.  Once the terminal is removed from the plastic connector, then cut the wire off of the stock alternator.  Connect a female terminal on the cut end of the brown wire. Carefully slip the stock metal terminal end from the brown wire into the stock alternator wire harness.  There are 2 slots on the connector, one connects to a brown wire and one to a white wire.  Connect the terminal to the brown wire.  Nothing connects to the white wire.  Connect the female connector end of the brown wire to relay #85.


16.    Ground relay #86

Connect a wire from relay #86 to an appropriate ground.  I filed off the paint to the frame and connected the ground wire to the frame where the frame's grip handle is bolted.

I used the frame where the grip handle is bolted to attach the ground wire that connects to #86 on the relay.


17.    Connect relay #87 to the starter relay/ (+) battery connection

Use 10-gauge wire with a ring connector in one end and a female terminal connector on the other end.  Connect the ring connector to the starter relay and the female terminal connector to relay #87.  Relay #87a is left empty.

All connected and ready to test.


18.    Replace the battery and test your work

If lights come on and your bike starts, then it was a complete success.  Enjoy the new power that the ZZR1200 alternator will provide.  If lights don't come on or you bike won't start, then recheck your wiring and connections.

ZZR1200 alternator in it's new home.